Professor Lucian N. VINTAN, PhD

Full-Member of The Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania

European Commission Expert in Computing Systems

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First Name: Lucian N.
Last Name: VINTAN
"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu (LBUS),
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Department,
E. Cioran Str., No. 4, Sibiu - 550025, ROMANIA
Tel: ++40-269-217928/ int. 462
Fax: ++40-269-212716
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Professional Experience:

Scientific Activity:

Distinctions, Awards & Honours:

Some citations of my papers & books:

I introduced some original architectural concepts (ex. Dynamic Neural Branch Prediction - Wiki International, Pre-Computed Branches, Dynamic Value Prediction focused on CPU's Context, Dynamic Unbiased Branches, Selective Instruction Reuse and Value Prediction, Next Location Pediction in UbiCom Systems, Meta-Optimization in Computer Architecure, etc.), recognised, positively cited and debated through over distinct 750 citations published in prestigious international conferences and scientific journals (until 2016) like the followings (below it is presented a selective list; see also Google's list of my citations, H-Index=16):

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Some of my Books & Papers:

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A Long List of Publications, A Short Selective List, A Short CV, CV (in Romanian) and DBLP Bibliography_1 + DBLP Bibliography_2

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